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January 2012

2012-01-01 16:15:01 by EmmDubya

Considering over the course of the last month I've felt like making newsposts several times and decided against it in order to keep that element of organisation that these monthly posts will bring, I might as well follow up on the previous month's long-arse newsletter - hopefully keeping this one a little bit more compact than the last.

In addition to a new month, on this day we go forth into an entire new year. It's pretty shocking for me, considering the past year passed by in what felt like a breeze. I had one of the most important and busy years of my life and although I regret nothing (well, very little), by the end it had become too much for me and as previously stated, decided that the best thing to do in order to sort myself out was to go back to my own ways - Newgrounds and gaming, that is.

Firstly, I'm pretty glad to say that I'm very sure now that I'll be back here on Newgrounds and will be for a while. By the time of last month's post I had only returned after less than a week and still had the idea in my head that this could just a temporary thing and that after recuperating a bit I'd end up getting on with how things were and once again neglecting here, but my return became more than just my initial attempts at checking back up in the quest for a little bit of nostalgia and I have a feeling that I won't be leaving again any time soon.

Keeping on the topic of Newgrounds, a fortnight ago Asandir interviewed me and this will be posted tomorrow, which felt strange considering it was so soon after a long series of hiatuses covering two and a half years, but considering under the surface I'm admittedly an attention whore, I don't mind at all - so thank you, Asandir. :3 Although it didn't feel like it at the time, apparently my answers together only left 132 characters left in the newspost out of the almost 33,000 that you have to use up, so be prepared for that being an absolutely huge post - good luck to anybody whom decides to read it (or risk carpal tunnel syndrome from scrolling manually through it, for that matter).

As for the second thing I mentioned, I've regained my past interest in the artform that is gaming since around the same time. This came pretty unexpectedly, because although by the time of last month I was still playing quite a bit of Europa Universalis and grand strategy, I had all but completely stopped playing everything else. I recall creating a completely and utterly failed thread for that particular game, which unfortunately fell off of the front page with not a single reply, which I believed to be unfortunate considering I love the game and put a lot of time and thought into that post, but such is the way of life.

After spending a bit of time in the video games forum, I was roped into the Steam Christmas sales and ended up becoming a whore for all of the deals I saw. In all I ended up spending 100 pounds, which is massive considering in the past the most I had spent on a game since the PS3 era was the 14.99 for TF2 (including GMOD) back in 2009, before it ended up going free to play. I'm happy with the price weighed up against the content, but not with the price as a whole, as I went overboard on that. There are one or two buys that I consider mistakes, like getting all that Magicka DLC when the base game doesn't run for me, Swords and Soldiers HD (which is as bad as you'd expect from the name) and Divinity II (which runs fine for me until I get into the game itself, when I see nothing but a black screen), but all in all with all the money I saved by getting these in sale prices I'm glad with the money that in the long term has been kept.

Still relating to the topic of video games, I'm considering beginning to do occasional write-ups on games, likely those that I believe didn't receive as much attention as I believe they deserve. These would essentially be reviews, although that's not intended so much as to imply that my views are likely to sway whether people decide to buy a game or not - it's simply a topic that I enjoy writing about and tend to find doing so easier than most things.

Although I don't expect for it to get too popular if I do end up doing this, it would certainly be nice to hear that I've brought what I believe to be a great game to the attention of others. What I cannot decide is whether to publish these here, and if so where. What I thought I might do is to write any that I decide to up then add them all on just before I make my monthly posts and link to them within - I'm not sure exactly what I'll do, though. I've done a few flash reviews here on Newgrounds for practice, although that's not ideal, especially as there is a limit too the length that means I can't go all out on my reviews.

In terms of music, I've mostly been into ambient things at the moment as opposed to my generally more poppy things I was listening to last month, although as usual I've been listening to quite a bit of metal inbetween - nothing new, though, mainly Amon Amarth, Acrimony and Bongzilla as per usual, with a little bit of Orange Goblin thrown in, which I usually don't do too often.

On that ambient front (copy and pasted from a thread yesterday), I would like to recommend music from the producer Xerxes, he creates some incredibly chilling tunes and has been doing so from several years, I'm listening to his song Eventyr (the intro section) right now and it's certainly putting me in a nice calm mood. Even moreso than the rest, I'd like to recommend the songs Emmy, Frozen, Jorgen's Theme (named after a friend of his whom, unfortunately, died several months after release), and especially his collaboration with the producer Zaril on the track 'Vinter'. If you're looking at less ambient songs but love his producing, listen to 'In Bed with Vadim', one of his songs with an incredible groove which I absolutely adore.

Another great ambient track is the song 'Slow Midnight' by Probspot. I ended up uploading it to youtube myself as I heard it in a mix on the radio and loved it so much that I wanted others to be able to hear it - with all due respect to Probspot, whom I contacted about it but didn't get back to me - it puts the image of spirals in my head, perhaps running down a spiral staircase - I know that sounds very, very strange, but the climbing up of pitch just puts that in my mind.

If you look around the audio portal then you're sure to find something great. I was about to make this post, then suddenly the song Cloudclimber by our very own SBB came on and it's an incredible tune for relaxation, I have to say. It has a nice, floaty feeling to it with what sounds a bit like the chiming of birds and it makes me feel almost light and as if I'm up in the sky somewhere. I've had this on my HDD for three years, I really do have to go and listen to more of his music, for he's incredible at that sort of thing.

Also, if you're into dubstep then inside that genre there's a lot of great calming things that tend to go under the radar due to all of the 'brostep' songs that rely simply on nonstop wobble and such, and are in my opinion far truer to the origin of the genre than what is most commonly classified under that term by the majority of people. One of the most popular is Burial, unlike in many circumstances, I believe is one of the best producers in that field and is incredible. I'd check out just about everything on his album Untrue, for that contains pretty much all of his best releases.

Finally, obligatory mention of my brother's music for I am a whore for family values. He hasn't uploaded anything more onto there for a while, but he's definitely been working on a lot. In the past he uploaded music onto Newgrounds, but that was a long time ago and since he's moved on and improved a lot, even if some of his best content he still hasn't put up on the internet.

Well, that's about all. This turned out a little bit bigger than I intended for it to, but far shorter than the previous one, I believe. There is likely more that I have to say, but seeing as the number of people bound to actually read this isn't a particularly huge number and it's more of getting things out there for the sake of doing so, I won't rack my brains in order to check - if something comes to mind then I may well update it for that.

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